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PS2 and Wii for sale (various ps1/ps2/wii/gamecube games and accessories as well).


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Got these lying around my flat and I don't use them so may as well see if I can get anything for them. As for how much I would sell them for, make an offer. May just sell all the games separately as some of them still go for reasonable amounts on ebay. The Ps1 final fantasy games especially go for £10 each. Mental!

PS2 Console. original model. Comes with memory card and will double check the box but think it is 2 remotes. All cables/power supply included. have the following games. All boxed and with instructions unless otherwise noted. I *think* I have Time Crisis 4 with light gun lying around in a box but need to go hunt for it. Lightgun only works on CRT tv's though.

Guitar Hero II. (game only)

Need for Speed Prostreet

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Resident Evil 4

Road Trip Adventure

Everybody's Golf

Jet Ion GP



Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance

Perfect Ace 2 (game only, not original box)

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (game only, not original box)

Burnout Revenge

Help charity compilation box (Road Rash, Myst and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars)

Not a game but also have Action Replay 2 CD+memory card thing if you fancy being a cheating bastard at any of the above games.

and now for the nerdy jRPG stuff

Final Fantasy VII (ps1)

Final Fantasy IX (ps1)

Final Fantasy X

Finaly Fantasy XII

Games made by Level 5:

Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King

Dark Cloud

Dark Chronicle (sequel to Dark Cloud)

Rogue Galaxy

Wii console, all cables/tv sensor. 2 remotes, 2 nunchucks plus one wii motion plus. 2 official nintendo wheel attachments for Mario Kart. Also has a gambecube controller and gamecube memory card. Following games:


Mario Kart

Wii Sports

Wii Sports resort

Wii Play

Super Mario Galaxy

EA sports active (+all the crap that comes with it)

Rockstar presents Table Tennis

The House of the Dead 2+3 return.

Just Dance

Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

Aggressive Inline (gamecube)

Super Monkey Ball (gamecube)

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