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Armellodie On Tour : Travel By Train

Launched in 2007 Glasgow rock ‘n’ pop cavalry Armellodie Records have steadily manifested into one of the most exciting independent labels in the UK with a constant flow of critically acclaimed releases from an eclectic roster of artists.

And so with all this talent in tow who wouldn’t want to show it off, August 2012 will see an elite squadron of Armellodie’s troops taking to the rail lines and steam-rolling their way around bonnie Scotland, stopping off only to shower, shit, shave and shebang. Catch them in a compromising position near you.

Tunnels, Aberdeen

Thursday 9th August 2012 - 7:30PM - £5:00


Le Reno Amps

Imagine your favourite bands were pumped full of steroids before being cooped up together in a small zoo enclosure. Every day the zoo-keeper visits them and throws them cuts of high-quality steak which has been marinated in same-said steroids. The bands go feral and fuck like bunnies until they produce offspring. Le Reno Amps sound like the music the zoo-keeper writes on her days off. She volunteers once a week at the local Hospital's WRVS shop. It isn't much but it gets her out of the house and things haven't been the same at home since her mother died. This tour marks the only shows LRA have and will be playing in 2012, catch them while you can.

The Hazey Janes

October 2011 saw the return of The Hazey Janes flaunting their timeless sound with new album, The Winter That Was, showcasing a band that have grown immeasurably in stature during their somewhat enforced hiatus from the public eye. Pumped full of pop vitamins like Big Star on steroids, the Hazey Janes are firing on all cylinders, touring every nook-and-crannie and smashing it every night. You best believe!

Chris Devotion & The Expectations

Fresh from a summer of festivals Chris Devotion & The Expectations - or CD/EX if urgency is your prerogative – are fond of a little savage rock’n'roll and a pert frolic with the classic pop song. Coming together in perfect harmonious, lyrical and mathematical order for an approximate running time of 2 and a half minutes, these songs have the power to align planets. Part swaggering hubris, part relationship-confessional, these songs remind you of the joyful existence of your reproductive organs, while at the same time the bitter knowledge that you’ve been dumped.

Cuddly Shark

Anarchic and free spirited, Colin works in IT and drives a Volvo but we all know that’s just a smokescreen, and one time Ruth punched Jason’s mum. The threesome we know and love as Cuddly Shark return to the stage and to our stereos this year with the release of their sophomore record, ‘The Road To Ugly’ looming. Brimming with punk attitude and spilling over with melodic brilliance Cuddly Shark will never have an ounce of pretentious hip fat on them; it’s all muscle, come and have a feel at these peck peck peck peck pecks.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE - http://www.facebook.com/events/443389915679925/

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