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For sale: Tokai "Lawsuit" Strat


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Interested in selling my Tokai ST50 Springy Sound. I've owned it since new but not sure exact year of purchase. I've been told based on the serial number it's probably 1981. This seems slightly later than I remember but still plausible. It was my main gigging guitar for a few years after purchase, but I stopped playing 6 string guitar around '86 and just started again recently. I've bought a few high-end guitars in the past wee while and this one's now taking up space and unlikely to be played, which is the reason for sale.

It's tobacco sunburst and in very good condition for its age. Worst blemishes are a couple of dings on the base near the strap peg, the bigger one showing wood about the size of a 1p coin, the other about half that size. These were generally accepted as being better guitars than US Fenders made at the same time.

It has the pre-lawsuit "F" logo and Fender shaped headstock that Tokai were forced to change as a result of legal action so it has some history/rarity value although I'm valuing it as a player's guitar, not a collectable.

It's 100% original and has just been set up and had the frets polished by Graeme Mennie at Kinellar guitars.

I've been advised these currently go for £350 -£500 and am looking for £400 for a no fuss sale.

Not hostile to the idea of a trade but struggling to think of anything I'd want at a similar price. I might be prepared to offer the guitar plus cash for something really interesting - a light guitar with buckers, possible a tele, or an electro-acoustic with close to electric playability levels.

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I've had a couple of queries on this (0ne from Wales and one from the US) in response to a Gumtree ad, but I'd prefer to sell locally and avoid the hassle of posting, so bump. Stevie Ray Vaughn played one of these and Graeme Mennie (local luthier) described this guitar as better than Fender were making at the time and better than non custom shop models being made now. There's a bargain here for someone looking for a good strat with a bit of mojo attached.

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Hi sorry folks it's been a few days since I checked in. Thanks Monk Rocker - appreciated. Thanks for the offer Phil but the Breadwinner isn't my thing.

Edit: I've posted images below. The one showing the dings on the base probably exaggerates them a bit but if you compare the dings to the size of the strap button it ought to put things in perspective.

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