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Variety night at The Moorings

Graham Knight

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As the poster belows suggests, it was a night a variety. I knew it was going to be a good night when I noticed the Moorings owner Flash mixing cocktails behind the bar with all the panache of an expert at the Ritz.

Bigsby's alter ego, Banjo Boy, performed two George Formby numbers with some additional words while also managing to be the loudest banjo player I have ever heard. He did some good picking on a third original number that had lyrics about Bar Owner Flash and House booker Brian Fudge that are totally unsuitable to repeat on this website! The Moorings audience of course is unshockable and gave Banjo Boy a rousing reception.

Teabags is well known here on Aberdeen Music and he is equally known as a regular in the Moorings - tonight was debut as a comedian. He started very strongly and did about 20 minutes of observational comedy that really had the crowd responding. Teabags obviously has hidden talents.

A magician and other comedians wowed the large audience - all of whom had forsaken watching the Olymics on TV for a night of old fashioned variety.

There were also some bizarre moments when the man with three nipples appeared, this was followed by a four-person wheelbarrow. This trend continued with 13 heated pint glasses being attached to the hapless MC's bare rear end.

All in all it was quite a night.


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