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New Rock Band Forming - Banchory area


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Hi. I'm hoping to get a band going in the Banchory area. I'm experienced and do mostly rhythmn and backing vocals. Set lists I have played in the past are rock based - Free, Clapton/Cream, Thin Lizzy, Stones, Who, Van the Man, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Doobies, Gary Moore etc. but interested in a varied set including newer material (eg Biffy etc) to gig regularly. I also know a couple of players and a fantastic vocalist who might be interested but all got work commitments etc so need a bit of leeway.

Looking for an ideal set up of - rock steady drummer; versatile bass player with a love of rock and a nod to blues and jazz; a skilled lead player; a strong and rich vocal (ideally female). I know there are players in the area (I'm Aboyne based) so come on let's get it together.

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i like allsorts of stuff and just wanna play were you in the banchory band kinell if you was i stood in for your drummer one night and loved it, again played most of the stuff you have on your setlists but just want to play

Yeah that's me ..... give us an email and a mobile no. and we can arrange to get together some time.

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