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Auto-electricians in Aberdeen


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Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good auto electrician in Aberdeen, I've looked on the internet and have found 2, Taylors and Daun's Auto Electrical technology. I am a bit worried because speaking to taylors they basically told me it would probably take them 4 or 5 hours to find the problem at £100 an hour, let alone the time to fix it, so even if they find it in half an hour I worry they might charge me 5 hours, I just wondered if anyone has any experience etc of either of these places ?

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When the car slows and freewheels round a corner, ie without the accelerator on it has a rendency to stall and a traction control error comes up. I was able to track down someone locally with a code reader who read the error code as

TCS U2105 00 ECM missing on bus

I need new front springs, as well which might be one of the reasons for the damaged sensor. The car was fine on corners if theres some power going through or accelerating, but otherwise it will stall or lose power - though it has started to get a bit worse and has come up with the error whilst turning and accelerating in the last day or so. The WIS translates the code and gives advice as:

ECM Missing on Bus

Move the wiring harness at several spots and in several directions to reveal intermittent breaks and short-circuits. Check switches, connectors and crimp connections for oxidation, retracted pins and pin clamping force.

So the electrical place is saying it could be a massive job to find which bit is damaged and might cost be £500 just to locate it rather than the fixing of it :(

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What seems to be the problem, I used to be an auto electrician

Do you fancy doing some work for me? I have a 1976 MG Midget that's partially complete - i just need to do the electrics and paint it. The wiring loom is in and it kinda works but to be honest i haven't touched it in about 3 years and i wouldn't know where to start. I can pay you in moneys and beers.

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