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Agile Interceptor Pro 727 (27" 7 string guitar)


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Mint condition bar a couple of tiny dots on the top which are barely noticeable. Not even buckle rash as it has only been played by me in my flat. I've owned it since new. http://www.rondomusic.com/interceptorpro727mnnatsatin.html is a link to the last similar spec model on sale but my one has an ebony fretboard (they don't have this model in stock, not sure when they will be back). Do the math if you want but if you include case (mandatory), shipping and VAT/duty it would cost you about £750 to buy the same spec model on import as they are not available in the UK otherwise.

£480 for the guitar. I have the case too for a bit extra but I could use it for my other 7 so happy to keep it.

There is someone currently selling the black model of this on sevenstring.org for £600. I will leave you to workout which is better value.

Couple of old pics but don't really have any good ones with the flash not overpowering the guitar. Looks nearly identical to the one online though. Can take better ones and tryouts welcome etc.



  • Double cutaway light mahogany arch top body
  • 27" scale 5 piece maple neck-thu body construction
  • USA Made EMG 707 Pickups
  • Ebony fretboard with no markers. Position markers are located on the side of the neck.
  • 24 Extra Jumbo 2.9mm frets and a 13.7" (350mm) radius neck for fast play
  • Grover Die Cast tuners
  • Floyd Rose FRT-S2000 Floating Tremolo
  • Grover Die Cast tuners
  • Volume & tone controls
  • Reverse Headstock
  • Width of the neck at the nut: 1 7/8"; at the 22st fret: 2 3/16"
  • Body thickness at the edge 1 1/2" at the center 1 1/3"
  • String Gauge: 009, 011, 016, 024, 032, 042 and 056. Setup tuned to B, E, A, D, G, B, E
  • Uniform Neck Profile - For ultra fast playing - 21.5mm at the frest fret and 22mm at the 12th fret.
  • Overall length, including the strap button: 41";
  • Actual Weight is only 9 lbs

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Bet you thought you were the boy when you bought that - ready to take on the world, nu-metal stylee. Now look at you, kicking it to the curb like an increasingly overweight girlfriend. You SLAG!

I owned a 7 string before it and I know own a custom made 7 string which is better than this in every single way. If you thought the 7 string was bad you should have a look at the 8 string which I did actually buy on a whim but it was like playing a cricket bat with strings ;) Not for me.

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