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Sat 1 Sept // KORPSE + THRASHIST REGIME // The Burn

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Industries International and the Moorings Bar present:

Saturday 1st September - ‘The Burn’ with DJ Grumpy Auldsteen and two live bands.




"KORPSE, the Aberdonian trio once described as a bastard hybrid of VOIVOD and AUTOPSY, are the best Metal band in the UK. That's my view, and this killer second album consolidates it. It goes like this: there's a huge, heavy sound, underpinned with Fluff's snarling, distorted bass, rolling along like a juggernaut. There's the AUTOPSY. But there's tricks at every turn, touches of unexpected compexity. There's the VOIVOD. What you don't hear is either of those bands being ripped off: KORPSE have their own sound. It's original.

They have balls, class and groove. Sure, they do SABBATH riffs, like a lot of bands. But if you're going to do this one to the max, you need groove. Cool riffs and muscular agile drumming. KORPSE have both in spades. The music is well written and played with absoloute conviction and authority. The sound is layered: the music is embellished with touches of class throughout, sounds and variations which make each track an exotic tattoo. It's this sort of maturity which allows them to take on an instumental like '19 Dyce' and carry it off, which distinguishes songs like 'Mirror Distance' or the title track from what's going on south of the border. Special nod to Taff's drumming: his playing is exeptional and gets better the more you listen.

Not everyone will embrace this band. The vocals are Death Metal, but DM fans sometimes get put off by the lack of gore-sodden imagery, and it's true that Fluff's smart aggressive lyrics seem to be more Hardcore than Metal. But if any part of you really appreciates music, CHECK IT OUT. Standout tracks? All of 'em. These stoners are on a roll."


The godfathers of the Aberdeen death metal scene! Formed in early/mid 90's. Signed to Candlelight Records. Released 2 albums. Great reviews. Supported and toured with Boltthrower, Gorefest, Benediction. Released a compilation of demos and unheard material in 2005.'



Formed in the dark end of 2007 in grey Aberdeen, Thrashist Regime have honed their brand of melodic thrash into a fine art and are renowned for their energetic live shows, commenting only; "We play beasting thrash."

Brilliant debut album out now on Fat Hippy Records.


First act onstage 9pm, second act 10pm. Strictly 18+ only. Free entry before 8.45pm, £3 thereafter until close. Plus! DJ Grumpy Auldsteen brings us his clubnight The Burn from 11pm until 3am. You can expect 80s/90s tunes: rock, metal and lots, lots more - until it's chucking out time and you all have to go home. Boo!

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About

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