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Cheap-ass basses + more


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(sorry for crappy pic, my phone's camera sucks ass, but you get the idea...)

"Fecker Jizz" J-bass copy - sunburst, good starter bass, no A string - £35

Black Fretless P-bass copy - Sunn Mustang in a previous life I believe, de-fretted no A string, cheap way to find out if fretless is for you - £20

Hohner Countryman acoustic guitar, greenish/bluish, nice tone - £25

Behringer TU100 chromatic tuner pedal - £5

Danelectro "Free Speech" talkbox pedal, tried once and forgotten about, boxed - £20

Creative Labs "ProdiKeys" combined QWERTY/MIDI PC keyboard, great for getting quick ideas down. Wouldn't be selling this at all but it doesn't work with 64-bit Windows 7 (and possibly Vista 64) but should be fine with all 32-bit OS I think. Didn't have it long before I bought new PC, so pretty much as new in box - £20

As I live out in the countryside these items are all at Captain Tom's for your perusal and purchase!

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