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most of you know that probably my fave band in the whole world is some band called strung out yeah? Wait...dont piss off yet.

dont write them off as a skate punk band or a hardcore band...they are very unique and dont really sit anywhere...

the best way to describe them is a skate punks playing metal...they all (like me love all the skate punk stuff and also grew up on slayer an metallica etc and love all the new hardcore bands and metalcore bands...Jake even loves some black metal stuff whilst jason the singer loves the strokes and hives lately...

anyway here is a link to jake (one of the guitarists) studio diary...i just think anyone who likes gear talk about guitars and drums etc will enjoy this...

They are super technical band whilst retaining the main requirement...great songs!!

If after you read this or you wanna hear them before you read it then download one of these three or all...they can all play like fuckers and the drummer keeps getting voted in best punk drummer category in drum magazin amongst HUGE selling bands...

3 songs


razor sex

velvet alley

studio diary

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hmm, it's hardly tech. it just seemed to be talk about guitars, guitar amps and snares. still, i do find it interesting to read about the way other people do stuff in a studio, i think for most people it's either a unique experience or an experience quite strictly set out by the tracker/producer.

have you read any of those mixerman diaries? they're really interesting, and though they are quite long, i found loads of it related to time we had spent in the studio. it's fucking funny as well. i just got pissed off when i got to the end, and realised you had to buy a book to find out the rest of the story!

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I'm not really familiar with any of their stuff but I know if a band I really liked did a diary like that then I would really enjoy it. I always find studio stuff interesting though and enjoyed reading some of those to see what they were using. DVDs like "Year And A Half In The Life Part 1" by Metallica I find really interesting. Seeing them working away in the studio.

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