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Fri 5 Oct // BABAR LUCK + JASON JAMES (both ENG.) // Shiver Yer Timbers

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Industries International and the Moorings Bar present:

Friday 5th October - ‘Shiver Yer Timbers' with DJ Grog Jolly and two live bands.


“i try & lov all the people all the time. there are many ways of love. raised in sufiistik londonstylistk truth and justice. i use music like a tool. to help myself and to help you. that is all. i was raised to love. uncondtional love i want to reach and yearn for. only when humanity can be this way we can reach the truth and peace. it aint easy and i aint easy. coz lov aint easy but we try and try and forgive and let go. sci fi folk. ordinary peoples. move

forwards. www.babarluck.com for more sounds and ideas...”


+ support TBC

Free entry before 8.45pm. First act onstage 9pm. Second onstage 10pm. Strictly 18+ Only. Plus! Rotating monthly clubnight Shiver Yer Timbers, with DJ Grog Jolly playing the best of rock, metal, punk and much more from the last twenty years of music. Tunes continue until the 3am curfew.

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About.

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The great thing about Babar Luck is that you can never tell quite what’s going to turn up. Sometimes he appears with his punk band East End Trinity, sometimes he turns up with his acoustic guitar plus violinist and percussionist. Sometimes, it’s just him. As yet, I couldn't say for sure what'll be happening on this occasion.

He IS looking for another scottish show for his tour though, so if you could help him out in some manner, just drop him a line via the still-useful facebook.

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SO! Here's the plan:


Babar Luck's noisy punkrock trio, regulars at the Moorings Bar over the last few years: "Somewhere between Black Sabbath and Discharge, but with some Rush thrown in as well, but then something like Fugazi and Television and Bad Religion."

9.30pm-10pm ish



Acoustic set.

8.45pm-9.10pm ish


London's finest visually-challenged 3-piece band. First are a slow-motion wave, the world's best horse, as it were. Twelve eyes, thirty fingers, two hairy backs and one smooth. First was invented secretly in, oh God, 2009 and birthed, or born, if you will, to an applauding audience of slack-jawed gawkers, baying and cheering, intoxicated and obliviously opinionated. Always judging.

8pm-8.25pm ish



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