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2012/2013 Season Thread


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X( .....it is proper mental though eh! ive heard some of Gazza's changing room antics were pretty barking but this, jesus! Thought Tony Cascarino on the Sports centre ( who normally sounds like he has actually seen football for the first time ) was gonna take a shit attack.

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The Copa Del Rey was great fun. It was indeed a grand carnival of fuckery, but still great fun. That's what I want when I'm watching football as a neutral: a mix of exciting football and crazy people losing their shit all over the place. 


Atletico were ace. How many last-gasp tackles/saves/goal-line blocks did they make? Unbelievable. I remember a goal-line block in the first half that didn't even look humanly possible. You can totally tell that Diego Simeone manages this team, his personality is all over them. That was the first time I've properly watched them play, and now I want them to win every Spanish game ever.

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I think we should start a tradition of a new thread being opened the day of Cambridge Utd's first pre-season fixture in honour of Del.


It's probably tomorrow. They start early in the tinpot leagues.

Now the Mighty Barnet are in the 'tinpot' leagues, I feel obliged to take exception to your tone.

 Season starts a week on Thursday btw 


 EDIT: I remember when the official end-of-season was the Junior Cup Final, but last year (and perhaps the year before) it was deemed as the chumps league final?


 I think the mods should set up a poll, when does the AB-Music footie season finish? SJCF or CLF?

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21st May this thread started. I remember it being pre-Euros, which I thought was a bit off. The new season used to start with the Intertoto Cup. Now I'd say it's with the early season UEFA cup ties. 



Now that the Champions league is out of the way, surely time for a new thread? I know there's pishy playoffs still to come this weekend, but I don't care about them.

So, will Man Utd actually buy a decent midfielder? Will Man City spend anything at all? Will Liverpool have a new manager by the start of the season? Will Aberdeen actually get relegated? Will Joey Barton continue to be a total bellend?

I think we should have a predictions thread too. I always forget who I said would win the league and get relegated.

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