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It's Thursday 26th September what the fuck is going on?


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Aberdeen music my arse, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?, why not get the gigs onto the calendar? PROMOTERS, BANDS this means YOU.

Aberdeen music is happening all over the place EVERY NIGHT,SO HOW ABOUT ADVERTISING THE FACT FOR FREE ON THESE BOARDS.

Whats on at Drummonds,Billy Bundys,Dr Drakes,Kef,The Malt Mill etc etc etc?.

Speaking or writing about music is all well and good but I prefer to get off my arse and see it happen LIVE.

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Echomind EP launch at Drummonds had a thread about it earlier.

Moorings has no gigs on a Thursday.

Kef is just a club night tonight as far as I'm aware.

Main page of the forums advertises gigs at Lemon Tree, Drakes and what's on at The Bassment.

Fair enough on the Billy Bundys and Malt Mill situation - I rarely see what's on at the Malt Mill advertised but Billy Bundys usually gets a mention if there's a gig - don't think they do them that often?

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