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Music promotion:

Host stuff online (on soundcloud for example, as it has a high bitrate so the material doesn't get overly compressed like myspace used to do to tracks).

  • Create a facebook page and expand a following and share your material (that is on soundcloud) on there.
  • Forums such as this one, cappunishment (Edinburgh) and other music oriented interest sites would be a good place to link to your material as it would encompass a large number of people that you didn't already know. For example, I generally post up my stuff onto guitar specific forums and usually receive good feedback and have sold CDs through that medium in the past.

Get your stuff that is recorded (if you already have stuff done) put onto disc and sell it via the mediums above, arrange gigs and have copies available to sell/hand out.

Pop a note up on the noticeboards in places such as R&B Music, Captain Toms etc. pushing your material by stating influences and what you do.

Get gigs sorted out so that people can come and see you play (if that is something you wish to do, of course) as there are a good few venues locally and plenty of gig-goers. If doing that, make sure to advertise the gigs in as many places as possible with posters that are readable and eye-catching. This will help you to build up contacts for future gigs and potentially develop a fanbase etc.

Gear sales:

This very forum is pretty good - and free - to advertise stuff on. As, generally, the place is full of people into music and gear, there is a good chance of someone being interested in what you have to sell.

Gumtree is another good marketplace, as it is free and can be convenient as things can work out locally.

eBay is another choice for advertising, though it obviously has fees. It does give a wide spectrum of interest.

Once again, other forums can be a good idea. As above, I have had good interest in guitars when advertising them on guitar specific discussion forums.

Hope that helps. I'm sure others will chime in and be able to advise other ways of both of the types of promotion too :up:

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