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[May 18, 2012] Felix Da Housecat @ Snafu Friday May 18th (Aberdeen)

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Snafu proudly presents...


| Greg Gibb

| Krazzy Martin

FRI 18th MAY // £15 // 11pm-3am


Felix is going on a small tour of the UK for a month, so we have guarantees that he can't escape.

Tickets will be on sale in The Athenaeum (5 Union St) with no booking fee very soon.

The Cat is back.


Official chat //

KITTENZ AND THEE GLITZ was an album which turned dance music upside down. DEVIN DAZZLE AND THE NEON FEVER and countless charted remixes from our favourite Aphrohead then cemented his tail in folklore.

Still as legendary as ever, Chicago's one and only FELIX DA HOUSECAT has promised to delight Snafu on latest stay in Britain. He is here for a month, so has no where to hide.

Over the course of 20 years Felix's determination and willingness to re-invent himself have led to a point that has now included a Grammy nomination, remix work for artists such as Madonna, Garbage, New Order and Giorgio Moroder; to DJ gigs at the world’s most prestigious music festivals.

As one of the most influential producers in dance music, Felix da Housecat helped spread acid house in the late 80s and 90s and kickstarted electroclash with his seminal 2001 album ‘Kittenz And Thee Glitz’, as well as huge remixes of SINNERMAN, POP THA GLOCK and TOXIC.

Time to teach this pussy a lesson.


n.b He's in the UK for a month, so fingers crossed. We'll get a photo of him on the day with a

date/newspaper and outside Triple Kirks or something...

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