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Our band require a drummer...


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As the title, we are looking for a drummer to join our new, original band. Influences include, Arctic Monkeys, Doves, Strokes, Suede, Stone Roses, Smiths, Feeder, Ocean Colour Scene, Joy Division.

We have completed most of the lineup apart drums. We have been jamming for a while, writing a few songs, but unfortunately due to work commitments our drummer has had to leave the band. We have a recording session booked in June to record two songs, while we continue to write over the summer to come up with a set of songs, we have 3-5 half written songs, and are looking to record and then start getting loads of promotion in place for when we eventually begin to gig

Genuinely people who are up for a laugh, and a jam, but do have drive to come to practices and reply to emails and show interest

Should have good initiative for song creation, and a lot of focus towards this project. We have our own practise space near newmachar that we try to use at least once a week or if it doesn't suit us, we can use the practice spaces in town. Please get in touch with me personally at craigtaylor1987@hotmail.co.uk or find me on facebook etc..

We have a few rough demos that we can share if need be, and a Facebook, twitter, myspace, reverbnation, bandpage pages etc set up and running for the band

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