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Some other FX and PedalTrain Pro


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Hey guys - Some stuff for sale.

1) Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation - Bought this maybe 1 month ago? If that... used once - doesn't give me a sound I can use with my pedals. - Check the Death By audio website for clips. It's mental.

- £75

2) CoPilot FX Dubscope - I've never even used this since buying it from Talkbass (from a dude in the states) - £90 - Has filter and fuzz and an LFO thingy. This one has been customised with some fancy options (Wet/dry blend. Option to switch off fuzz etc) - Youtube has some interesting clips. CoPilot dont seem to have much on the website.

3) SFX Loop - 2 seperate loops - both with independant volume controls, one of the channels has a blend control. I used it for my synth/fuzz channel. Also has a none latching footswitch for other uses. I used it as a down control for the Deep Impact. Could be used as a tap tempo foot switch i'd assume. Was custom built by Max for me. £185

4) PedalTrain Pro with sc - £135 - Velcro'd already. Still have the Voodoo labs bracket also. Holds an insane level of pedals. Bought new in March from effectspowersupplies.co.uk

Happy for people to test etc.

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