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Female Death Metal Vocalist Seeking Band


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The title speaks for itself - looking for like-minded people of a similar age to myself (I'm 20) who are interested in getting a band together and eventually gigging. In fact, most definitely gigging. No questions. Male or female, doesn't matter.

My main two influences (vocally) are George Fisher, currently of Cannibal Corpse and Phil Anselmo (Pantera/Down). Have done covers including "I'm Broken", "Five Minutes Alone", "Slaughtered" and a few other Pantera songs at practises and would like to say I'm able to comfortably cover "Death Walking Terror". Merely using this as an example, as I have been experimenting a lot.

Other influences in general range from Decapitated to Dying Fetus to Testament to BLS and even... Mozart. Very open-minded about what music I listen to, so this means I don't have to strictly stick to death vocals. I could probably hack some Doors or Journey if need be. ;)

Anyone who's interested give me a shout in this thread or just pm me.


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