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Blackstar Dist X FS/Swap


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Right, bought a Blackstar Dist X from Bruce Millers before it closed down to replace the second channel of my amp that's never really worked. Said amp is now in the shop and hopefully will appear back in my hands soon enough sounding lush. I've always preferred amp distortion and intended to get my amp fixed sooner but after buying this pedal and being surprised by how good it sounds, held off from the costly repair job.

The pedals been gigged but the worst its got is two 5mm scratches that arnt really worth mentioning and tiny dings. I'll upload pictures later tonight. Comes with original box, AC adapter and various paper parts. I'll even throw in my dialed settings.

If anyone has a digital delay pedal that has the trail feature I would happily swap.

Other than that, if youre intrested make me a offer.


Heres a picture from goggle.


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I need it less than ever now.

Also throwing into the mix my rather disliked Baby Boomer delay pedal. This is the usual spew from most sites that are trying their hardest to shift it;


  • All metal Steel enclosure. ( no plastic here!) Space saving design for pedalboards... compact and powerful.
  • Blend, Time & Repeat controls. Up to1,100ms
  • Quality parts and construction throughout
  • True Bypass construction and rugged stomp switch
  • Uses high quality parts such as German WIMA audio capacitance, high precision resistance, etc...for clear signal transaction

My one has a few marks, one of the rubber feet is MIA but the battery enclosure is present. Theres no point running it with a battery though as it'll light the bright pink LED and thats about it. Look past its ass-thetics and it performs as it should. You need to press the switch on it properly, on rare occasions if you grace it like a fairy it will cut the sound. Oh and it constantly needs settings changed at gigs as it seems to change settings internally depending on which phase the moon. You can try by any means to keep settings static but they will change.

I've found it sounds glorious in certian amps and like complete dick in others. Never used it in a FX loop and I dont think I ever will.

Im going back to digital delay.


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