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I found the hat

April Ethereal

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Did you ever wonder why Joe's viking hat was missing from Black Atom's album launch at the Lemon Tree? I can exclusively reveal that it was stolen by none other than Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo! Here's the proof...


Well' date=' now that obviously connected set of circumstances has been solved maybe you should ask Rob if he stole your brain in the confusion, Scott.


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Shit!! So had I! That was awesome... I always wondered who that was who gave me the hat :) The gig finished, I staggered away and someone came up to me and went "wow! The guy from Black Atom! Wear this hat"... so I did! then I staggered out of the hall to the queue for coats, which was massive, and someone down the front of the line went "wow! The guy from Black Atom! In a Santa hat! Join me in the queue!" and saved me 3/4 of an hour waiting ot get my coat back :D A crazy couple of minutes... but not as crazy as the time me and Rico were down near the front at Donington last year, and a guy right next to me turns around and says "Wow! You're the guy from Black Atom! I love you guys!" That was fecking surreal...

Thanks for the hat by the way :D

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