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Possible Sale: Epiphone Explorer


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Hello all,

Ive been saving up for a 52 Fender Telecaster for quite some time now and im nearing the target but I don't have a job at the moment so I can't get the last of the money I need so Im thinking of selling my beloved Epiphone Explorer (its black with a white pickguard). I've owned it for just over a year and it's in excellent condition (1 small scratch that isn't obvious at all).

Excellent for medium level players of all style (but obviosly the body appeals more to rock guitarists)

Im looking for around 240 for it (i payed 420 in a shop) and just to add to the deal I will throw in the gig bag. This is a good deal because you have to buy a special shaped bag to fit it anyway and they can be expensive.

Anyone interested?

Edit: Here a picture of the guitar on the guitar, sorrry i don't have a picture of the actual guitar because my digi camera is broken


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