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Good article on Jack White

Graham Knight

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I am still trying to understand this guy. He paid a lot of money to get Jerry Lee Lewis to do a show at his place in Nashville and then he initially released the recording as an LP not a CD.

This is a picture of Jack with Jerry Lee's Son-in-law Zeke on the right and his long time road manager on the left.


Now I hear Jack White has just released a 3rpm record that will inevitably be lo-fi rather than hi-fi.

3rpm records are really is a strange idea - especially when Neil Young is trying to do the opposite and release another new "lossless" audio format.


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I am still trying to understand this guy.

I remember watching an interview with him where he basically says he likes everything to have restrictions. The concept of the white stripes just being drums and guitar restricted them quite a bit. He was a bit of a monkey for only booking 2 weeks to record an album and going into that process with no songs at all. The limited colour scheme they used as well. Just things that limited what they could do and I think pushing the boundries that he set himself gave him a kick.

I kinda share his views about music being over produced, not to the stage of using a 3 rpm LP mind but a lot of music floating around today sounds too 'perfect' if you know what I mean? In the article you posted he goes on about 'seeing' an LP make the music and he has a pretty good point. There's something about Vinyl, it's big, it's expensive and you cling on to them for some reason. I've got a a harddrive full of mp3's that I don't really care about at all. If my hard drive was to explode or something I wouldn't really be that fussed. Someone stood on one of my LP's I'd be devasted. Music in the current day is pretty disposable, download it, dinna like it first listen, delete it then forget about it. Two of my favourite albums (Dark side of the moon and Rumours) were given to me as a gift from my Uncle in LP format. First few listens I didn't really care for them but because I didn't want to throw them out I held onto them and over the years I've grown to love these two albums and they have had a huge influence on my guitar playing and music making.

I think his aim is to maybe change the way people look at music and the way they value it.

Well thats what I think anyways, I may be wrong (likely will be) but I think he's awesome.

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I sold my entire vinyl collection last year. It made me very very sad :(

No way I could do that! I've only got about 20 records and a fair few of them aren't really bands or groups I listen to regularly but there is no way I could part with them!

Did you have a big collection?

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My favourite was an old Elton John record I had from the 70s. It was scratched to fuck and used to click all the way through when I was playing. But it sounded all the more amazing for it:)

Dark Side Of The Moon sounds great too. Like I say, it sounds better on the medium it was recorded for, remastered old music on CD just sounds too crystal clear and perfect. Sometimes I want to hear the scratches.

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This is my favourite bit...

" He’d assembled two new bands for the record — one of them all women, the other all men. He was taking both on tour, but only one would perform each night. He wasn’t announcing which until the morning of the show — even the bands would be surprised. He’d barred them from listening to each other, because he wanted them to evolve separately."

Hell, as long as you can afford to pay them both, it might keep them more artistically hungry.

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