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Orange Rocker 50 MKII


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Basically just testing the waters with this one.

I bought this, brand new in 2010. I have been the only owner and the only person who has used this amplifier since I bought it. It is in fantastic condition (couple dings to the tolex, but that is it). Never had a single problem with it in the 2 years I have owned it, and it still sounds fantastic!

Been offered another amplifier, which is one of my dream amplifiers, so looking to fund that purchase. These are still around £1200 - £1300 new.

Wouldn't be looking for anything less than £900.

Like I say, just testing waters, but get in touch if interested.

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That is why you never look on sevenstring.org GAS on nearly every page. I keep seeing people selling Ibanez RGA121's and wanting to sell a kidney to buy one. They are pretty unusual over here but pop up on there in the USA/Canada every month :(

Good luck selling the Orange though. Certainly worth it for what you have in mind!

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