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Marionettes: The Rightness of Blindness


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Hello one and all,

We are delighted to announce that our new EP "The Rightness of Blindness" will be available via Bedford Records as of Monday 9th April. For more info, head to www.bedfordrecords.com

The EP is currently available to stream from the following link: http://soundcloud.com/bedfordrecords/sets/marionettes-rightness/

In celebration of this we're heading off on tour next week in promotion of the release, you can catch us on the following dates:

Thursday 12th April: The Doghouse, Dundee

Friday 13th April: The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Saturday 14th April: Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Sunday 15th April Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

Monday 16th April Madhatters, Inverness


We're also really happy to be a part of the Big Beach Ball, the lineup looks great and you can get tickets from the following link: http://www.thebigbeachball.co.uk/tickets/

Thanks for listening folks, hopefully we'll see a few of you at a show next week.

Marionettes x

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I saw the Marionettes at the Lemon Tree last night. They came on stage at 11.15 and played a 45 minute set.

I recently rescued this band's PC - they thought they had lost some music and the graphics for the new Ep but fortunately I was able to recover the lost data - so I was interested to see them play a gig. I knew they were pleased to get their music back but I did not expect to be thanked from the stage at the show!

Anyway back to last nights performance.

It is really not right for an oldie like me to comment on their music but I can comment on their show.

This five piece band gave a very professional performance in as much as they were very well rehearsed and their high energy show was certainly a crowd pleaser. I liked the way the lead guitarist and the bass player did a swap at one point thus demonstrating their versatility.

Most of the lyrics had been written by Paddy Buchan and his vocals were clear and the sound from the whole group came across well. I walked around the room and the balance and sound was excellent all over the Lemon Tree.

The shirt-less drummer was particularly impressive - there is nothing like a good pile-driving drummer and this one was solid and he really drove the band.

Two numbers from their new EP on Bedford Records, Horrorscope and Dishwipe Fishwife, were well received - for me Shrinking Violets seemed the best.

Apart from a passing reference to Lou Reed, (who last time I saw him seemed pretty vacant and needed to rely on monitors scrolling his lyrics) - no such problem for Paddy who jumped around all night and even joined in playing the drums at one point.

For an oldie like me I could only describe the music as "Modern" but I can only commend the whole band. They were performing original material, obviously enjoying themselves and above all the Lemon tree crowd had a great night.

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