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BLACK LAKE is a DIY not-for-profit record label i'm putting a lot of time and effort into at the moment. dealing with vinyl releases primarily. site is online at: http://blacklakerecords.net


BL001: Hexis Seputus/Fatum 7" (/500 color vinyl) - preorder goes up today (Monday 2nd April).

Hexis are a Hardcore/Black Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Formed in early 2010, they've already got several records under their belt and played shows in 12 different European countries with bands like Celeste, The Secret and This Gift Is A Curse. They'll also be touring the UK in Fall 2012. FFO: Celeste, Mihai Edrisch and Amenra.



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pre-order is online now: http://hexis.bigcartel.com

The 7'' Seputus/Fatum is now up for pre-order. Split release between:

Braincrushing Records (France)


Black Lake Records (Scotland)

Enjoyment Records (England)

Gardens (Greece)

and Skaven Records (Slovakia)

pressing info: 500 copies - 300 on clear, 150 on transparent blue and 50 on transparent green, all with black splatter.

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holy bump! UPDATE TIME:

BL001: HEXIS - Seputus/Fatum 7" is in my hands - I have the 3 original colourways plus a couple REALLY limited colourways the guy at the pressing plant did for free because he's too cool.

BL002: DIRTDRINKER 7" is at the pressing plant and it'll be available in the next month or so.

currently working on 003, 004 and setting the ball in motion for 005. I got some stickers made up which I'm giving out for free.

everything that i currently have ready to dish out is available through the BLACK LAKE online store, which is here: http://blacklakerecords.bigcartel.com (i know...)


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as some of you will already know from the other thread, i'm really excited to announce that the next Black Lake release will be the Carson Wells full-length 'Wonderkid' - very happy about this as I've been friends with the band for years and it's nice to be able to help them out. A split release between Black Lake Records, Art For Blind, eat a book records and Cross my Heart and hope to DIY, the record should be out in September and is available to stream here:


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HEXIS - Seputus/Fatum is now sold out, so if you slept on getting a copy, too bad!

The Carson Wells LPs are in the store, and BL004 - Corrupt Humanity/Chemical Tomb split 7" is being pressed as we speak.

There's a heap of new distro stuff available (and more on the way) and a bunch of tote bags as well as some cool patches of the wolf logo in my avatar.

everything can be found here: http://blacklakerecords.bigcartel.com/

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BL005: For Want Of - s/t Cassette

This beautiful chunk of Texas screamo was originally pressed as a 7” and this is the first time it has ever been released on tape. The cassette is strictly limited to 100 units, which are presented as solid black cassettes in a black/clear library case with double-sided J Card print.

I’m really excited about this for a bunch of reasons.

  • For Want Of absolutely slay.
  • It’s the first tape release I’ve ever done
  • It’s the label’s fifth release of 2012 which is already a heap more than i thought i’d achieve this year.


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BL003: less than 10 copies of the Carson Wells record still available from me. http://blacklakerecords.bigcartel.com/product/bl003-carson-wells-wonderkid-lp


BL004: the test presses of the Corrupt Humanity/Chemical Tomb split have been approved and the records/sleeves will arrive in the next couple of weeks.


BL006: this 4-way split 12" between Oaken/Locktender/Coma Regalia/Wounded Knee is mixed/mastered, and will be going to the pressing plant at the end of this month.

DIRTDRINKER will also be doing a month long tour of the US in June/July taking in both east and west coasts, and some shows in the midwest.

I will be selling distro (records/tapes/patches/tote bags) at this gig tomorrow night: http://www.facebook.com/events/115889755252517/

Also I've designed a t-shirt I plan to print soon-ish on American Apparel shirts as they are ethically made and really comfty :3

plenty more releases planned/in the works. thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me in this endeavour so far.

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The artwork for both of those splits are great. I would definitely like copies of both when ready. I've only heard Wounded Knee from that 4 way split. The other bands along the same lines?

at the risk of sounding very lazy, here are some samples of each band: (but yeah, they are all in the same vein!)




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