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Multi track recorder - Roland BR-600 for sale - Grab a bargain!


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Grab a bargain here - I bought this 2 years ago and it is in tip top condition! No longer needed as I now use a computer based software. I've had great fun recording on this - its compact size means you can take it anywhere to record with ease and its simple to use. Manual is easy to understand - numpty proof hehe! The recording quality is excellent - check it out on youtube for reviews - heres a link -

Cheapest price I could find for this online was £260 - used. Im selling it for £200 sound card included!

Contact me on 07525059944 if you are interested :music:



The latest arrival in the Boss recording line, the BR-600, is one of the most physically streamlined, feature rich 8-track studio on the market. It has a CompactFlash memory card slot for recording media, a powerful guitar and effects processor, including vocal FX and pitch corrector, a built in drum machine with velocity sensitive pads, a built in stereo microphone and battery power to record anywhere. Its USB port allows for data transfer/computer connectivity. A carrying case, an XLR to 1/4 inch mic cable and a 128MB card is included.
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