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Favourite Vocal Performances


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A thread to celebrate the great singers. Post links to songs / performances with vocals that make you stop in your tracks and say wow.

Here's two of mine:

Not a fashionable band, and I can't make much sense of the lyrics, but the fucking vocal puts shivers down my spine. Wow. So much passion. I'd give anything to be able to sing like that.

And, an old classic:

Don't think anyone could really say Iggy is a great singer, but the way he delivers it, especially in this track, there's so much raw energy and power to it.

Now, you.

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I'll take this from a singing perspective since most other people here will! First one that comes to mind is Eric from Textures. The new singer they have is good, but I still prefer Eric.

Mikael Akerfeldt is another of my favourites. Prefer his singing voice though... Damnation is my favourite Opeth album!

Not the biggest fan of SYL and found his solo stuff hit and miss but Devin Townsend has to be up there too.

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