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Woodend Barn 20th Celebration Album


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We've launched a crowdfunding project to help us put together an album of new music to celebrate 20 years since the first play was rehearsed at the Woodend Barn. To back it and check out the project visit the Sponsume link:


Back in 1992, a small group of local people put on a community play in

Banchory’s Woodend Barn. The holes in the roof and walls and lack of a proper floor did nothing to dissuade the players and audience, and since then Woodend Barn has transformed into a thriving rural arts centre at the heart of our community in Banchory, attracting audiences from across Scotland and artists from around the world.

We’re really quite proud of what’s been achieved here in those 20 years: the premieres, the big names and the small names that became big names, the fun, the laughter and the shared creativity in all its forms. We thought it would be great to celebrate this anniversary by asking Jonny Hardie (Old Blind Dogs), the musical director of that original production, to bring together a group, nay, a super-group of musicians who have all played at the Barn and create a cd of new music to be launched at a special concert in September 2012. Jonny has invited Orcadians Douglas Montgomery and Brian Cromarty (Saltfishforty, The Chair), Brian McAlpine (Session A9), Mary Macmaster (The Poozies) and Davy Cattanach (Old Blind Dogs, Pictones, Catford) to join him together as The Woodend Barnstormers on this unique music project, using the stories, myths and legends of the north east of Scotland as their inspiration.

For this we are counting on your support. We need to raise £14,000 to cover the cost of artists’ development, rehearsal and studio time, recording fees plus manufacture, marketing and pressing of the cd.

From simply pre-ordering the cd to pledging for an afternoon at the recording studio with Jonny and the boys, or for the champagne & canapé pre-launch reception with a premium seat at the launch concert, there are a variety of ways in which you can become an important part of the project.

We’d love your help in making this happen. Celebrate 20 years of Woodend Barn and look forward to the next 20 years with us – please take a look at what’s on offer in return for your donations and pledge what you can. We’ve got 5 weeks to make it happen!

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