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[May 29, 2012] Jerk Tuesdays at The Athenaeum / Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop & Street Kitchen (Aberdeen)

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Every Tuesday at The Athenaeum

Light it up!



Street Kitchen / Soul Food 7-10pm

- Too good shrimp jambalaya

- Southern fried chicken + jerk sauce

- Corn on the cob + spicy creole wedges

- Icky Sticky Jerk Ribs

Reggae & Dub from Don Corallo...

Rum + Mix starts £1.60...

Rum Cocktails...

Every Tuesday at The Athenaeum we get deep rooted in the third beat with reggae, dub, jerk chicken and gallons of rum. Gin and juice if you don't like rum, coconut rice if you a veggie na na.

Music starts at 8pm with Don Corallo from E.A.R.L Killa Krew


The Athenaeum


5-9 Union St

Castlegate End

Every Tuesday!


Occupy x
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