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Dr Sketchy's


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I've been wanting to go to these events for ages. The gist is that there are interesting performers (often burlesque dancers or similar) who come along and pose and anyone who wants to can come along and take part in a life-drawing session.

There's generally a huge mix of talent levels, it's very much an "anyone can come along" type affair.

I'm putting on a Burlesque night in a few weeks through Hero Next Door and am toying with the idea of hosting a Dr Sketchy (or similar event) through the day. Would anyone be interested in such a thing? Any other would-be artists out there?


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A bump to say I've got an application being processed to apply to start an official Dr Sketchy's up here*.

For those of you who don't know anything about Dr Sketchy's, have a look at their FAQ.

Anyone out there who would be keen to get involved?


*Disclaimer: This doesn't mean that the application will be accepted, I'm still currently just a guy who wants to start one.

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