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The inter-connectability across multiple social networks. U can do all your twittering and facebooking, read blogs, news etc without opening new windows. Just a really good browser.

Hmmm, i've never seen that as much of a hassle to be honest. Whatever floats your boat, i'll stick with firefox.

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I use Jake's method of using one account in each browser (so if you have, say, two tumblr accounts, use one in Firefox and one in Chrome).

I'm not all that picky over browsers, Chrome is nice and clean, Firefox can do a job (plus it has ChatZilla with it which is good for IRCing), and I occasionally use Safari for layout testing. Opera is shit on a Mac so I don't even bother with it. Chromium needs to be built so fuck that for a laugh. Everything else is either shit or I never tried it.

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