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Peavey Escort 2000 Portable PA

The Smiddy Bar @ Daviot

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The ESCORT packaged portable PA system, all self-contained in a molded case with wheels and handle that you can transport like a piece of carry-on luggage. When you reach your destination, open up the case, and you have two speakers, complete with connecting cables & speaker stands and a microphone with cable.

The five channel powered mixer offers 75 watts per channel and Peavey's exclusive DDT to prevent clipping. There are 4 XLR microphone inputs with 15 volt phantom power and 2 stereo line level inputs (each with its own bass, treble and reverb controls). Main input and output controls use 60 mm linear faders. There is also a 5-band graphic EQ, digital reverb and a FLS Feedback Locating System. The Escort's case also has room for additional microphones and cables. So here it is, everything in one package that will allow you to use up to 4 microphones and two stereo line level sources (i.e. audio from your computer, VCR, DVD player, tape recorder, etc.). It will all sound great through the two impressive 2-way speakers with 10 inch woofers and piezoelectric horn tweeters.

ESCORT Features:

Convenient package with luggage-style handle and wheels for easy transportation

Two 2-way speaker systems with 10 inch woofer and piezoelectric tweeter for high quality sound reproduction

Two folding speaker stands and 25 foot speaker cables to make connection easy and get speakers up high so everyone can hear distinctly

5-channel powered mixer will accommodate multiple microphones and stereo sound sources such as computer audio, VCR or DVD player

75 watts per channel with DDT

Four XLR microphone inputs with 15 volt phantom power to accommodate multiple condenser and dynamic microphones

Two stereo line level inputs for computer audio, VCR, DVD player, etc.

Each input has a bass, treble and reverb control to contour the sound of each signal source to your liking

Separate L and R master output level controls to adjust the overall sound level without disturbing the mix or balance of your input sources

High quality digital reverb to make vocals sound like recordings

Five-band graphic equalizer with FLS (Feedback Locating System) to give you more sound before feedback

60 mm linear faders to provide ease of operation in adjusting levels

PVi dynamic microphone with cable

Includes strong steel stand for ideal operating position

Storage compartments for microphones, cables and accessories to get everything you need in the Escort's portable case

All of the above comes with and/or goes inside the Escort portable, luggage-style case

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