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Band wanted for recording session.


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Hey folks, I posted on here a while back, offering freebie recording sessions to help me get to grips with my new home studio. For a number of reasons, only a couple came off, because it was a nightmare with folks cancelling last minute etc, so I thought I'd try a different way.

I'm looking for a band to come in through the day on the 24th of march to track a song. First come first served, but with the proviso that you have to have a drummer - as a wannabe recording engineer coming from a background of guitar and bass, I have the most to learn where it comes to getting a decent tub-thumping sound, so that's what I'm focussing on at the minute.

So there is no misunderstanding, what I'm offering is a session, whereby we'll set up, record a scratch track, and then re-record everything layer by layer to try and get as good a recording as we can. I'll then mix it on my own time and provide you with a high quality digital copy for you to do with as you please, though if anyone asks, or you use it on a CD or whatever, it'd be nice if you said where it was recorded. I'd also want to put the mix on the Studio Central forum, so I can get feedback from some professionals on how to improve the mix (the bonus being that you'll get the benefits of this advice in the form of a better mix).

If you're wondering about the quality of recording, the last freebie session can be heard below. There is still some work to do, particularly with putting some air into the drums, fattening up the guitars a little, bringing the bass up a couple of notches, and widening the stereo image, but it's not a million miles away from where the final mix will be. (Cracking local band called Under the Noose).


If you're interested, bung me an E-mail at myeggsareboiled@mac.com



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