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for sale 16 multi-tracker

Fables of Faubus

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Guest Cowboy Dan
Yes it comes with a cd Burner as well...

Thats totally balls' date=' i bought that in october for 899, what a bastarding scam!!

R u interested?? How do you know my secret code name?[/quote']

Because I am a secret ninja sent back in time, you will sell this multi-track, but not to me, and not today.

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Sounds like my piece of equipment. I aint even got +1 never mind 500. What about sperm. I'll sell u my spunk. Tee Hee. A ton of spunk.... .... fie hundred dolla.

Seriously man i would buy it had the cash..... .... could u lay me the 16 track on. Like heres a 20 bag pay me next week, sort of thing??????

Could i run errands for u. Roadie. I be ur bitch.....

I only have 4 tracks. Give to the needy. The Popped Corn Fund. Charity No. 96520398762-4.

Ur donation will be much appreciated.

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