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Guitars / Drum Machines / Pedals for Sale

Steven Milne

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Selling the following- if you want photos or to try anything directly let me know.

If interested then best to email me at:stevenmilne82@hotmail.com


Roland MC303 Groovebox

Drum machine/ sequencer


In great and fully working condition with adaptor.

Some slightly faded white keys but I think it looks cooler for it.

I am 90% sure I have the manual.

If not you can get it from the Wikipedia page.

Takes midi in.

Apparently they are worth about £250.00/ $400 now.

Selling for £120-150 or nearest offer as they are going for about £180 on E-Bay and I think they’ll become one of those old school sought after pieces of kit to have eventually but in the meantime I dont have a use for it so would like someone to get the good of it. I also know its not boxed and im looking to sell quick so open to offers - let me know if interested.

Roland MC909 Phraselab

Sequencer / Drum Machine /Looper / PhraseLab


In great and fully working condition with adaptor.

I am 90% sure I have the manual.

If not you can get it from here: http://www.roland.com/products/en/MC-09/

Takes midi in and is useable live.

I believe they’re pretty hard to come by now (only one going on eBay from Australia going for £200+).

Selling for £120-150 or nearest offer as I think they’ll also become one of those old school sought after pieces of kit to have. Its not boxed and im looking to sell quick so let me know if interested. Ive mucked about with this one a lot and it’s a cool piece of kit and Im sad to see it go.



Squier Fender Telecaster

Like this:


I have gigged this one a lot before and the knobs have been replaced but they’ve been replaced with vintage ones which look pretty cool. I guess there is a bit of rusting on the scratch plate and a fair few knocks on it here and there but its still all good.

I was offered £150 for it last year but didnt sell and now I think Id sell it for like £80-£100 to be honest as I think although it’s a good guitar and I really like it, It has been played a fair bit so it would be unfair for me to charge more. Id put new strings on it also and ill get RandB to give it a quick service before I hand it over so that its all 100% in good nick for any buyer.

Comes with soft case.

Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top

Like this:


I used this one for a while but ultimately I don’t really play it much so I have decided to sell it. I have kept it in good nick and apart from a few chips (on the side) and scratches on back (I think maybe from a belt buckle while playing) its in good condition. Its had its switch and input replaced in the last couple of years so that definitely wont need any work for a while (I believe sometimes they need replaced after time). I found it to have much more sustain than a Telecaster and a lot more beef/ punch to it whenever I play it. I really like it but I think id like to see someone else get the use of it as opposed to it just sitting spare.

I think id sell it for £180/ £200 and id happily put some new strings on this one also. I know that it doesn’t need serviced as it got down a wee bit ago or id offer to do that too.

Comes with soft case.


Also selling some Boss pedals ive aaccumulated and a BCB 60 pedal case should anyone be interested:

Acoustic Simulator

Overdrive Distortion


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