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Pickups for Sale!


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Going to have a few extra pickups floating about soon so figured it would be better getting this organised now rather than later.

Up for sale are the following;

Tom Anderson H3+ - £50

Seymour Duncan Phatcat with a Nickel Covering - £30

Dimarzio Super3, Black - £40

Dimarzio Crunchlab, Custom Black/Green Zebra with Black Bar & Pole Pieces. The Bar side is green - £50

Disclaimer - the Super3 and Crunchlab are still mounted in guitars until their replacement Bareknuckles come in but as soon as they arrive they'll be out and ready for you! :D

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If you're free on Friday or Saturday give me a shout Soda - I could meet you on your lunch break on Friday? I live just outside Aberdeen in an area called Kingseat and work in Dyce.

[edit]Just looked it out, got a Dimarzio glass box for it to keep it clean! :D[/edit]

Jimmer, ended up going with a white covered/black hex piece warpig for the MV and a green/black zebra'd Nailbomb for the Washburn. It's my serious last attempt at trying to play nice with it and if I'm lucky it'll stop me gassing for another guitar! Would putting a tone stack back in take some of the brightness away from it btw?

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