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Second Guitarist Wanted


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Toying with the idea of expanding current 3-piece lineup to a 4 to allow for more solos and some more complex melodies to be thrown around.

Check my sig for some demos/examples of the music we play, but there are a couple of more hardcore influenced tunes as well as some country/blues influence creeping in here and there so it's all pretty flexible regarding musical genres and interests.

Backing vocals are a must, but you can gauge by my shitty vocals that standards don't need to be really, high. Just some woahs and the like.

Get in touch if you fancy a jam.

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Dubya, like they'll ever gig if you join. You won't let them until they record a mini album.

Too right. Sounds like Dubya's got this band lark sussed. Having good recordings available in time for your first gig shows everyone you've got your shit together.

You don't want this scanrio to go down:

Fan: "Hey guys. Great set. You got a CD?"

Band member: "Not yet"

Fan: "Oh"

Fan wanders home, heartbroken, storms off to his bedroom and tears up his Vinegar Strokes poster and cries. Builds up so much inner-anguish that he attends your next gig and shoots one of you in the face on stage yelling "You couldda been something, man! You couldda been something!" whilst being hauled off by police, security, and brave bystanders.

I can't remember what my point was.

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So there's now a position for a first guitarist, too!

Craig is leaving us after Friday's gig, so come down to the Moorings on Friday if you wanna see what we're all about, or check out my signature, or send a PM, or all of the above.

Looking for someone with a decent set of pipes for backing vocals and if you write any lyrics then you're encouraged to sing them, but if you don't want to take any lead vocals that's fine too. Basically, I like to do lead vocals on the songs I write the lyrics for, anything else is all open to play around with.

Genre-wise, as mentioned before there's some hardcore in there (but there hasn't been much until now due to it not being Craig's cup of tea, but he's leaving now so fuck him ;)), I'd like to pull some ska tunes out of the bag, a touch of horror-punk, some d-beat/thrashy stuff, just about anything, really! If any or all of these things sound agreeable, give me a shout!


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