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It now looks like I've become the band's sound engineer by osmosis, so I have a another noobie question...

After spending too much time humphing gear around and experiencing an issue with the reverb box (Midiverb 4) at last night's gig, I decided to sell off the existing mixer (advertised on here) and poweramp(s) and go for an integrated solution.

I'm a fan of Mackie kit. so I'm thinking about the PPM608 which has everything I need in one portable box.

The output is 2 x 500w and my question is ... will that be sufficient power for for venues the size of say, The Tunnels?

The amp will be driving vox only and maybe the kick drum.

Thanks in advance.

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That would probably only do you a venue of 100 capacity. Also it doesn't seem to have pre-fade auxillaries that you were asking about the other day.

Thanks again Sam, I was just about to post a picture of tumbleweed or maybe re-submit my post, disguised under a more worthy AB-Music title, like - "When did you taste your first Pot Noodle" or "Have you ever chugged <fave AB-Music bod> off in The Moorings toilets".

I'd be happy if 100 punters turned up at one of our gigs (place was pretty packed on Saturday though), but I might go for the PPM1008 (2 x 800) for more headroom. It's only £60 more anyway.

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