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Looking for good, cheap recordings???


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Hey guys!

Fancy recording some new tracks you just wrote and can't afford to pay for time in a big studio? I offer good quality demo recordings all done from the comfort of my home. My set up is small but I have everything you'll need, even if you can't transport your gear here, you can use all of mine!

I charge only £30 a day (10am - 3pm) - I'm not doing this for the money, recording is my passion and most money will be put towards improving my setup! After you've spent how ever many days you like recording as many songs as you like, keeping in mind the longer you spend on each one, the better they'll sound, I'll spend time mixing the tracks until you are happy with them!

It's a nice cosy atmosphere and there's no rush, you can relax and be creative as you like, I'll provide the tea and biscuits!

For examples of my work please visit milwalkie.bandcamp.com where you can download an album done entirely from my home studio.

Cheers! Matt.

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Hey guys! I'm based in Aberdeen, Mannofield. My gear is very basic but I feel if it's used right then it can easily achieve good results.

M-audio Ultra 8r interface with cubase

Behringer monitors

Mics: Akg 414, 214, 4 sm57s, shure beta 52, sub kick.

Amps: Ampeg bass rig with 8x8 cab, Fender blues deluxe valve amp, japanese guitars, beginners drum kit with paiste cymbals.

It would be great for you to take your own equipment here but like I said feel free to use any of mine you wish!

The set up is very simple but give the tracks I've done a listen and if you think you'd be happy with that level of quality, then I'd easily achieve it for your band!

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That would be awesome Milner! With me you won't get a half assed engineer pretending he thinks anything you do sounds fine because he can't be assed fixing it! haha. I do this because I find it extremely fun, i've been recording myself for too long, looking forward to working with other bands and concentrating purely on the engineering side of things!

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And with me you will get jake, ill apologise for that in advance. :D

In all seriousness tho, def good to have another option in Aberdeen, and if your keen thats half the battle won, have had a few shall we say less than impressive experiences with engineers only interested in going home.

Ill have a wee listen to your tracks tonight when i get home.

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