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Fifteen Dead: Fuck Trve Cvlt


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Hi guys, we released our new single the other day


you can listen to it here http://fifteendead.bandcamp.com/track/fuck-trve-cvlt-radio-edit

buy it for 99p and you will get a nice b-side to listen to also

review from Cvlt Nation http://www.cvltnation.com/fvck-trve-cvlt-fifteen-dead-review/

Say it loud, because you are motherfucking proud: FVCK TRVE CVLT! Say it one more time: FVCK TRVE CVLT!! This is the title of the new

FIFTEEN DEAD song, and it’s a fucking throat ripper. I reviewed this band’s first EP, Necrocrust, now they are back with this single and a ballistic Darkthrone cover. The concept for this song is to put a rusty blade to the necks of the elitist bastards who pass judgement about what is “true black metal,” or any other sort of music for that matter. FIFTEEN DEAD have my vote on this one – I’m down for the slaying of feeble-minded trolls who sponge off their parents and live in the basement with their dad’s tools. If they spent less time whining about what others are creating, maybe they could contribute something killer to the art form that they regard so highly. Anyway, what really makes FVCK TRVE CVLT a stand up single is that this song is a fucking weapon of gnarly destruction. From the moment you press play, your tongue will be hooked by their sharp riffs, and you will be hauled into their world. FIFTEEN DEAD is a band to watch out for – I respect their songwriting skills to the max. They have this way of combining genres with ease that will make you say, unholy hell, these humans are my kind of filth. I’m not even going to write about how they killed the Darkthrone cover, “The Winds They Call The Dungeon Shaker.” Piss on the graves of the haters – FIFTEEN DEAD have brought the ruckus with this tune! Stand up all Scottish Crusties, CVLT Nation salutes you! Listen to this blackened gem below, and tell me it’s not the shit!

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