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[release] TWX-007: Aberdeen Truth Vol. 3 - Grobbie

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

TWX-007 - 'Aberdeen Truth Vol.3: Grobbie' by GROBBIE


Out March 12
2012 on limited orange 7” and digital download

Suggested retail price £5.99

It's a new year and
is continuing its massive collectible coloured 7" series, 'Aberdeen Truth' with 2 brand new tracks from gifted & prolific space-bass head

Vibrant but criminally unrecognised, Aberdeen's underground is beginning to seethe with creativity, as a new wave of electronic producers exhibit their uniquely local interpretations of club styles encompassing hip hop, techno, bassline, grime, dubstep, house & UK garage influences. The 'Aberdeen Truth' series documents the debut offerings from some of the better known desk-jockeys currently producing & DJing inside and out of the granite city.

sets it off with the dubbed-out hissy fit 'Grounded', mixing up crunchy rhythms with crackles, echoes & wave after wave of static space. 'Parsed Thoughts' takes things into more melodic territory, choosing to eschew the ambiance of the A-side in favour of a punchy, shuffling 4/4 beat, classic techno synths & glockenspiel samples.

'Aberdeen Truth Vol. 3 - Grobbie
' is released on limited blue 7" vinyl & free digital download on Monday, March 12th.


Vinyl available from good independent record stores & online at

www.tuffwaxrecords.com. Digital download available exclusively at www.junodownload.com.


For all press & enquiries please email label@tuffwaxrecords.com





http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Tuff Wax/releases/

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

um, not the complete range no. that's really something we should sort it out.

if you want, you could always nip to Oye Records in Berlin or Sone Records in Hamamatsu City... oops :stupid:

we do a pretty regular trade off the bandcamp page though so anything that takes your fancy would be fairly promptly despatched

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Guest Tam o' Shantie
Not a dig or anything, just utmost curiosity; but is there a reason why your 7" releases are so expensive? £5.99 for a 2 track single seems a bit wild, considering I bought an LP for that price from YoYo Records recently. I tend to not wanna pay more than about £3.50 for a 7 whilst it is still in print.

Vinyl is a format which costs a lot of money to produce in small runs. Our first release was a run of 300 but it became clear that the economies of scale did not apply unless we sold all our records, which is actually rather difficult to do! If we could expect to shift 300, 500 or even more we wouldn't dare charge as much as we do. With that in mind I have no problem being entirely honest with you about the cost of a run of vinyl for us. Anyone who really wanted to know could research the cost of a vinyl pressing of this amount.

We use Curved Pressings for our electronic releases as their in-house mastering is really good and their prices are fantastic.We pay for the following

- Mastering from source audio

- Plates/laquers cut

- 200 x coloured vinyl pressed with full colour labels in clear plastic sleeves

- 5 x test pressings

This costs £549 plus vat and delivery making the total cost to us just shy of £700 for the vinyl ie. cost price of £3.50.

We then need to pay for stickers for the front of the labels & print off download cards for each release so that the customer can pick up the digital files for free if they purchase a physical copy of the record in person. It all adds up. Now add the endless hours that we spend working on making the pressing happen, chasing press, sending out promo records and mp3s to blogs & DJs, hand numbering each record, all in our spare time and you can hopefully see that we deserve to be clearing that £1 - £1.50 on the releases purchased online - which we then pack at night and post out during our lunch hour.

Any of the stores which stock our records pay cost price so we make no profit on these. In actual fact we have occasionally sold bulk purchases at less than cost price just for the distribution. So there's really no Scrooge McDuck-gold-doubloons-swimming-pool-high-dives here at Tuff Towers. We do it for the music and we make a loss selling our hand made, collectable products as low as we really can. Those who do purchase these upstart releases are likely to have in their possession a slab of Wax that I have no doubt will gain in value and rarity, as just about everybody who has done a release for us is already in the process of doing far bigger and better things.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Possibly a Tuff Wax first - Radio 1 support for our latest 7" ahead of its scheduled release date a fortnight today.

Ally McCrae played Grobbie's 'Parsed Thoughts' on his Introducing In Scotland show in the early hours of this morning!

Come down to the release show here or preorder the single here to get your hands on a copy.

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