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Experienced Bass Player Looking for New/Side Project


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Pretty much as the title says.....

I’ve been playing bass for umpteen years. I’ve played nationally, internationally, locally, in original bands, in covers bands, professionally, in the studio, on TV, major festivals, etc... From an experience standpoint, I’ve more or less covered all the bases (see what I did there?).

As for style, I’m pretty much up for most stuff. My influences run from Primus to Portishead, Black Sabbath to Black Mountain (you get the idea). I prefer stuff that allows me to stretch my fingers/brain, but really I’m just looking for a side project and open to most ideas.

Now the really important bits:-

1) I’m the wrong end of my 30’s (ie – 40)

2) Although I cited Primus as an influence, this does not mean I can play everything by Les Claypool

3) I do not, and will not, play Jazz.

4) I already play (guitar) in a band which gigs a few times a month, so I cant commit to a hard-gigging band.

PM me if interested. And dont if not.

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You can hear me at


I have a modest but decent home studio - the tracks you can hear were recorded there.

I've been in Aberdeen for one year, moved up from London where I had a gigging band (myspace.com/thedirtynotes), all my own stuff.

T'would be a pleasure to play with a good bassist, I'm recording an album so there is LOTS of material - and frankly it's great.

Let me know if you are interested.



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