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Fudge Music Awards - Worst Band 2012 ?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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As you perhaps know by now, Aberdonian promoters 'Fudge' have been organising a glittery annual music awards ceremony celebrating Aberdeen's diverse range of bands since way back in 2001.

The 12th Fudge Music Awards will be hosted at the Moorings Bar on Saturday 11th Febuary, when three live bands will play and inbetween we'll discover who's won what.

As we dish out the awards, the winners will be invited to mount the stage and make an acceptance speech. Cross your fingers that they're all really, really drunk.

We encourage you to wear a suit, tuxedo or ballgown. Not kidding - if previous years are a guide, you'll be suprised at the number of people who'll be getting dressed up.

In this, the penultimate poll, we ask "Who is the Worst Band in Aberdeen?"

We've totalled the votes already cast in this (open) category in the Moorings Bar over the past four weekends to produce a list of the Top 10 Worstest Bands In Aberdeen, as voted by the gig-going public.

Vote away!

You can even tick more than one box if you want! Slate your rivals! Taunt your foes!

(But please note we'll be adding the votes already cast in person to the online poll total before declaring our 'winner' on Saturday night).


Your nominees are:

ASCENSION - www.facebook.com/Ascensionbanduk


BLOODNUT - www.facebook.com/pages/Bloodnut/198457312544

DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR - www.myspace.com/deadlosssuperstar

FILTHPACT - www.facebook.com/Filthpact

THE GOTHIC DORICS -www.facebook.com/pages/The-Gothic-Dorics/100112033366869

GUTTER GODZ - www.facebook.com/guttergodz

OATH OF KINGS - www.facebook.com/OathOfKings

TIBETAN DAVE - can't find any footage of him, but this is close: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHy7DGLTt8g&feature=fvwrel

TRANSMANTA - www.facebook.com/transmanta

You may vote for more than one option.


2001 - Psycho A-Go-Go

2002 - Point Of Origin

2003 - Point Of Origin

2004 - Alyssa's Wish

2005 - My Minds Weapon

2006 - Stayover

2007 - My Minds Weapon

2008 - Johnny Skyscraper

2009 - Ascension

2010 - Ascension

2011 - Ascension

2012 - ?

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