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the boom boom room now open! pro mixes


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I've produced scots lads The Xcerts and Dogs Die back in the day..and now SpaceRay Music is pleased to announce the official launch of “The Boom Boom Room”, the new home of a rock & roll mixing service now available online to all clients worldwide. Equipped with the right tools such as ProTools HD and high end API analog outboard, owned by producer/mixer Adam Whittaker, “The Boom Boom Room” is the premier place to mix your music no matter where you are located at a reasonable cost.

Adam has worked with assorted international artists as diverse as The Damned, Starsailor, Doves, Mark Ronson and many more well known names, earning himself two Platinum albums and numerous European chart successes and radio hits.

Whether you are releasing a single, need a radio mix, have self recorded tracks and need that extra edge, are making an album or just want your demo to have that professional sound for discerning A&R ears, we can offer a standard for your tracks previously unavailable for the approximate cost it would normally be to hire a studio alone. Our location allows us to provide a premium service at a low price, working hand in hand with the artist to ensure satisfaction, communicating each step of the way until the client is happy.

We offer a no-risk trial to show what we can do, so please feel free to get in contact to discuss your project!

Email: spaceraymusic@gmail.com

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Rate wise, it's by track depending on the artists budget so it's not a "how long is a piece of string" situation and nice and manageable.

As far as gear, it's centered around Protools HD3 with analog outboard in the shape of API summing, API hardware comp (2500) and API analog EQ. I like API, can you tell :)

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