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Guitars and even more guitars

Graham Knight

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Nice of him to give potential burglars a tour of the more expensive instruments!

On a more serious note I hope the real shop isn't as crowded as that movie. I wouldn't like to see what the domino effect looks like with vintage guitars and given how tightly they are packed with narrow walkways it seems a very real possibility.

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Maybe I'm just being paranoid but surely its incredibly daft to keep all those guitars together in one small shop. A fire there would destroy lots of musical history and lots of lovely guitars.

I have been in the shop which is located in a row of ordinary shops on Ventura Highway, not far from the Burbank TV studios where the Jay Leno show etc is made. The shop is quite small and it is very crowded. It operates a "locked door" policy.

Many hard up musicians sell sell old guitars to this shop.

This is a link to the business and it is worth checking it out just to see the gallery of photos that shows just a flock of famous visitors.

It does also sell "ordinary" guitars as well and had a "less than 400 dollars" area when I was there.


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