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[Feb 10, 2012] Vitamins' Granite City Emerald Fantasy w/ Lone & ¥oin (Aberdeen)

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Now the dust has settled from the madness that was our NYE party with Numbers, we're ready to keep doing it in 2012. For the first time, we're taking the show on the road - leaving Glasgow to head North for an adventure in the Granite City.

| Lone

| ¥oin

| Shaun & Sam Vitamins


Under the moniker Lone, Matt Cutler has been responsible for some of the most interesting, genuinely euphoric electronic music to come out of the UK over the past 3 years. His ability to infuse classic rave chord structures with detroit and breakbeat drum patterns has afforded him a truly distinctive sound. Releasing music on both Actress' Werk Discs & his own imprint, Magic wire, his style has consistently expanded and refined itself, culminating in his 2010 Album 'Emerald Fantasy Tracks' - a record that can truly be described as complete. There's not been a Vitamins party where at least one of his songs haven't been played and for that reason we are unbelievably excited to see what he will do with an entire set.

Yoin is a man that needs no introduction to the Aberdeen scene. A member of the impressive Tuff Wax label, he has caused quite a stir online with his slew of original productions & remixes which take influence from R&B and juke in equal measure. Unsurprisingly, his latest offering has been snapped up by upandcoming label Squelch and Clap. What's more - he's one hell of a DJ.

Just because we're not in our own backgarden doesn't mean we are leaving the production behind. A custom lights/installation show has been planned to complete the Granite City Emerald Fantasy.

We are so hyped about this chance to take our party to a new city for a new audience. Let's do it properly.


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