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Le Reno Amps Album Onsale Now


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Hello peeps,

Just to let you know Le Reno Amps debut album is on sale now in One Up Records, Belmont Street. 12 songs, Shiny cover, 7.99 - can't say fairer than that! For all you crazee internet shoppers, it is available from the Planet Boo shop - www.planetboo.co.uk. A National release is expected in September on Vanity Project Scotland via Planet Boo/Shellshock distribution.

We shall be selling it at these forthcoming gigs too;

Saturday 28th August - The Glassel Gig, Glassel. (DIVEX stage 4:15pm)

Friday 10th Spetember - Somewhere, Inverness. TBC

Saturday 11th September - Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Johnny Cash Tribute night.

Monday 20th September - Tron, Glasgow.

Recently Vic Galloway (Radio 1/ Radio Scotland), gave it pick of the week! Woohoo!

Here's what he had to say;

VIC's PICK. Le Reno Amps LP.

Having had these guys in session for the show a while ago after only

hearing a demo and seeing them live, I was intrigued to hear their debut LP and

was waiting for a copy to come my way. Pleasantly surprised? Damn right!

Ding dang diddly doo! For those of you who don't know: LRA's are a two-piece

consisting of Scott Maple and Al Nero (their surnames are taken from

their other bands - both excellent and highly recommended by yours truly...

when are we gonna see LPs by these guys?) who decided to strip their song-writing

to the core and showcase the results on battered acoustic (and occasionally

electric) guitars and sweet, sweet harmony vocals. A great idea, by all

accounts as the LP I have here is a wonderful listen.

More than a duo with guitars, full arrangements are used here and there

(with bass, drums, backing vox and other wee bits) providing the listener

with an inspired, varied collection of witty vignettes (generally about

the ins and outs of love and lack of it!) "What do they sound like?", I hear

you all cry in unsion (getting slightly annoyed at my rambling incoherent

review)... well... Country-Punk with a smidgeon of Power-Pop. It's like

the Everly Brothers teaming up with The Pixies, whilst Tom Waits and Weezer

try and get a word in... on acoustic guitars... from Aberdeen... and there's

only two of them... and... and... Oh, just go and get a copy, the songs are


You can hear a track from the album this Thursday night on Radio 1 Session in Scotland.

Thank you.


Le Reno Amps

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Bizarrely enough I'm just listening to a MEFM recording of your interview from last May. First time I've heard "Once You Know" with the jackboot stomps and Russian "hey!". Fantastic track. Is it on the new CD?

PS: Reading Vic's review left me none the wiser as to your new CD. ;)

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Vic is a wise man.... he gave me beer to speak on the radio. Nice chap.

He's bold... and plays Devo.

But yes, Le Reno Amps....

I swear by my alleged similarities to Anthea Turner *glares at Al Nero* that I shall purchase this album.... soon... when I get paid.

Oh and is the rumour true, Al.... Moving away so soon?

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le reno amps remain an odd institution, having bought their LP i was more than impressed, great melodies and cracking songs to boot. i pride myself on the fact i'm one of the select few people in the universe who has a 'le reno amps supporting driveblind' (and both bands were acoustic!) poster opposite my toilet to look at when i have a piss. a marvellous record that is easily as good as the new prodigy album or sophie eliis-bextors much ignored but bloody brilliant 'shoot from the hip' album from the autumn of 2003.

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