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Supporters Scheme Updated


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As you may be aware, we previously had a Supporters Scheme where frequent users of the web site could decide to make a small monthly donation to the web site in order to help cover our running costs. This scheme is still active and has now been updated to reflect the change in features available through the web site.

For the new lower price of only £2 a month this optional account upgrade entitles you to the following benefits:

  • All advertisements on the web site are removed.
  • Add and customise a signature on all your posts.
  • Larger avatar graphic size allowed (up to 100 KB).
  • Attachments are allowed on personal conversation messages.
  • Your title can be customised.
  • Access to the exclusive Lounge forum.

To become a Supporter simply access the Account Upgrades section of your profile using this link.

You may have some questions about these changes. Answers to these will be compiled below:

Q: I'm currently an active Supporter paying £3.00 a month. How do these changes effect me?

A: You will automatically have the benefits described above applied to your account. You can either continue to pay £3.00 a month or you can cancel your current Supporter subscription from within PayPal and then re-subscribe for £2.00 a month using this link.

Q: I previously set a signature but I'm not a Supporter and so can no longer edit it even though it's still being displayed on all my posts. How can I have changes made to it or have it removed?

A: If you were a supporter previously then you may already have a signature set. Unless you are an active supporter now you will no longer be able to edit this signature. If this is the case and you wish to now have your signature removed then please contact me.

Q: I wish to pay to display my own advertisements and/or have my own forum on the web site. Is this still possible?

A: Yes, it is. Please contact me for further details and prices. In time, information about what advertising options exist will be published on the web site under the Help section.

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Well, that's annoying. Sorry folks - your accounts should have automatically been upgraded but weren't for some reason. I've now upgraded the accounts I could recognise but some people use different e-mails addresses between PayPal and this web site, so if you have subscribed and your account hasn't been upgraded then please let me know and I'll get it fixed.

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