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Xaviere Guitars


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I've been toying with the idea of ordering one of these guitars off Guitar Fetish (Link). Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to play one or heard any reports on the build quality.

From what I've read, they're on a par with Squier guitars. I'd recommend the Squeir J Mascis Jazzmaster, if that's the sort of thing yr after.

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I'm guessing a $100 shipping charge to the UK so $225 works out around the $400 mark after shipping and taxes, which is about the £270 mark,. So on par with squier stuff price wise.

I highly recommend Agile guitars if you are looking to import. http://www.rondomusic.com/electricguitar.html All the cheaper stuff, SX or Douglas branded guitars are entry level stuff (although they actually are apparently OK if you change tuners/nut/pickups and set them up properly) but the Agile guitars are great and have quite a good reputation if you search. I've owned 2 of the $600+ Agile guitars and can't really fault them for the price. The AL series (LP copies) are quite highly regarded. Never had any experience with the Jaguar style guitars but if they are like the rest should be very good value for money.

http://www.rondomusic.com/electricguitar-ss11.html has the Jag style guitars.

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