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More miserable recordings

Soda Jerk

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I gone done a couple more recordings of miserable, worn out indie rock mumblings. I started a new thread, mostly because - as Nefarious C candidly pointed out - the name Egg Yoko was terrible, so I changed it. The moniker is now named after my favourite slide tackler.


'Silly Girl' is a cover of a song of the same name by the Descendents. I really sucked the fun out of that song. You can listen to the original version

if you're interested. The other two are my own. 'Singing' is definitely my weak suit, so go easy.

You might like it if you like sad, droney stuff like Bedhead and American Analog Set.

Opinions welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for the kind words fellas.

I can't take credit for the designing really. The text is a font, though it does look drawn. The sad robots are from some blog about pictures of robots (there's a blog for everything now) and I fucking love robots. I just laid it all out in Photoshop, since Bandcamp looks a bit ugly unless you add your own stuff to it. I just love messing about with fonts; probably more than recording songs.

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